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Are you a socially conscious, dedicated individual who is committed to helping others? If so, join us as we help people get the most life out of their wealth with our unique approach to the jewelry business.

The Current Landscape: The Executive Assistant’s mission is to serve as the CEO’s right hand and force multiplier, collectively maximizing their time to focus on the things that will have the most influence on the store’s growth and impact. They will coordinate external communication with the CEO and the leadership team serving as an advisor to suppliers, and industry partners along the way. Executive assistant is responsible for the day-to-day alignment and coordination of the internal and external teams and organizations through phone, email, and in-person when necessary. They also serve as a coordinator of executive-level decision-making, ensuring the store has the necessary resources and capacity to meet its objectives.

The Role:

Strategic Alignment: Serves as a trusted adviser to the CEO and provides support across the leadership team, and with external suppliers and customers.

Expand the Team’s Bandwidth and Resources: Integrates into the organization quickly and assesses issues that serve as barriers to a team or the organization operating at maximum effectiveness. Builds a level of trust with the leaders, performs leadership meeting preparation, and helps coordinate strategic projects.

Relationship Builder: Connects with internal and external stakeholders to influence outcomes and drive toward organizational goals.

Professional: Is discerning, competent, respectful, gracious, and maintains strict confidentiality.

Sales: is able to close a sale, make recommendations to clients on what to buy, and serve as a liaison to the custom design team(s) when working with clients of your own. You will also get 1-4% commission of all sales.

Driver: Takes initiative and is the catalyst for growth and change

Challenges Current Thinking: Brings new perspectives and ensures leadership considers them

Fast-Paced, Intense, Responsive and Adaptable: Is not afraid to take risks and try new things. Can run alongside the executive leadership team and navigate constantly changing priorities. Has a high sense of urgency and can switch between tasks and projects quickly.

Strategic Thinker and Creative Problem Solver: Understands how to assess current needs and evaluate all options while taking into account future goals. Asks the right questions to get results. Can tackle a problem from multiple angles, find a solution, and then close the loop.

Resourceful – Views no problem as too big or and no task as too small. Figures things out, handles them, and gets the job done.

Exceptional Written and Oral Communication Skills: Communicates fluidly on behalf of the store through memos, emails, social media, meetings, and more. Can synthesize ideas and communicate in a way that inspires action.

A Generalist: Is a jack of all trades. Has a wide array of interests, knows a little about a lot, and enjoys researching, reading, and collecting information on many different subjects.

Zero Ego: Prefers to lead from behind. Not interested in the accolades or the spotlight. Believes success and career satisfaction is derived from making the store look great.

A Year in the Life:

  • Ensure the CEO spends their time on their key priorities. Prioritize and manage resources to achieve goals and enable the CEO to focus on the mission of the organization. Amplify internal and external stakeholder communications by ensuring alignment with the CEO’s messaging. Analyze critical strategic business decisions that impact the future trajectory of the company. Contribute to Jewelers on State Street by:
  • Demonstrating leadership in alignment of work and approach to the company vision, mission, core values
  • Serving as an active partner to the CEO and leadership team
  • Communicating organizational goals and progress frequently and effectively with the board, executive leadership, business unit leaders, and other appropriate internal and external stakeholders
  • Partnering in communications and development activities to advance the stores strategic priorities
  • Serving as an industry thought leader on organizational topics through the coordination of presentations, articles, and social media publications
  • Accounts Receivable
  • client relations
  • Attend Jewelry industry Conventions 3-4 times per year
  • Take images of inventory and add products to website
  • keep the store clean and organized
  • Greet customers and clients and offer them drinks upon arrival
  • Event planning

Position Reports To: Chief Executive Officer

Position Partners: Assists and collaborates with the Executive Team, as well as staff from out industry partners and suppliers.

Executive Assistant
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